Automated pension contribution
and valuation record keeping for
pension fund administrators.

Universal Regulatory
Compliance Software

Minimise error-prone manual data entry, cut costs and increase operating efficiencies.

With PTAS, pension fund administrators can record and track all employee and employer pension contributions, and automate the fund allocations in  one centralised system.


Employee management
Securely track and record employee data, documentation and KPIs, as well as any beneficiaries and related parties.
Automated data input
Company payroll files are loaded into PTAS using rule-based automation, providing unlimited scalability and STP of the retirement process.
Contribution tracking
Automatically track employee and employer pension contributions, and maintain complete contribution histories.
User-friendly dashboards
Dashboards offer holistic views of members’ and employers’ data, and provide access to data analytics and reporting tools.
Customisable reporting
Create customisable investor, regulatory, operational, audit and user-defined reports, with dynamic report scheduling, a multi-format data export facility and ability to distribute reports in bulk.
Self-service portalWorkflow management
Employer/employee web portal offers interactive dashboards, real-time access to reports and investment information, and 360⁰ view of accounts and all associated relationships.
Workflow management
Customisable workflows create automated, paperless business processes tailored to individual administrators’ needs, and enable users to track KPIs.
Document management
Centralised repository streamlines the storage and organisation of relevant documents (personal, fund, pension plan related, transaction related), and allows the tracking of investor communications in one case file.
Fee management
Automate management of all types of administration, management and transactional charges in the system.
Browser-based solution, with option for full service cloud based or client server installations depending on user preference.
User security
SSL capabilities for login to the application are available where desired.
System integration
Open architecture enables seamless data exchange with other systems in real time or via scheduled import/export.

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