Why Fund Admins Consolidate Transfer Agency Platforms

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By Emma Williams Solutions Consultant • Client Success
October 16th 2023 | 2 minute read

Funds are getting more complex. Hybridisation of the open- and closed-fund worlds continues as traditional managers and hedge funds tap opportunities in private markets, and private market firms seek to ‘democratise’ access with vehicles targeting high-net-worth investors.

Regulatory compliance responsibilities are intensifying (not least with the global uptick in anti-money laundering requirements and Securities and Exchange Commission’s push for new private funds rules). Pressure on fees and costs is increasing. Fast-changing investor service expectations are driving the need for end-to-end automation and digitisation.

Together, these forces are having a clear impact on fund administrators’ technology needs. Many have built up a hotchpotch of standalone, disparate investor servicing systems to handle different business lines and functions, or as a legacy from previous M&A transactions. Today, the onus instead is on an integrated, multi-asset class and multi-jurisdictional transfer agency infrastructure that can support their entire book.

Benefits of a single TA solution

Manifold factors are at play, not least:

  • Cost – The more systems a fund administrator uses, the more licensing fees, contracts, system training and upgrade schedules it has to deal with. Having one vendor streamlines that expense.
  • Efficiencies – Using multiple systems leads to ‘swivel chair syndrome,’ forcing support teams to log in and out of different platforms. Response times and service levels suffer, while manual data re-keying heightens the risk of data input errors.
  • Automation – Different systems format data in different ways, and follow idiosyncratic rules and processes. Creating seamless, end-to-end automation flows requires sophisticated APIs so systems can talk to each other, and the data each produces and consumes to be sanitised and standardised. A single platform strips out that complication and maximises the potential for process automation.
  • Data hygiene – Cleansing, normalisation and consolidation are key to effective data management. That is much harder to do if the effort must be multiplied across numerous systems. With a single TA platform, once the data has been verified and standardised it can be used to populate downstream processes, records and reports with confidence.
  • Investor onboarding and ongoing servicing – Investors increasingly expect a digitalised, seamless service experience. Legacy systems and processes tend to be heavily paper-dependent, especially in the private equity world. AML and KYC checks during onboarding require multiple, manually-sent documents and much back and forth. Subscription documents can be hundreds of pages long. Information often has to be re-keyed and replicated in different systems. And that workload multiplied across the client base. A digital portal integrated into a single transfer agency system can alleviate that hassle, effort and error-risk. Information input by the client in the front-end can automatically populate the back-end, which in turn can automatically populate communications out to the investor.

For the world’s fund administrators, consolidating on a single platform ultimately offers the potential to service clients better, faster, at less cost and with less risk. That’s a compelling competitive proposition.

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Emma Williams
Emma has twenty year’s experience in the financial services industry with a focus in the regulatory space. Prior to joining Deep Pool she worked as Head of Depositary for Mitsubishi Investor Services and Banking (Luxembourg) S.A., Dublin Branch for 6 years.